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Head hunting
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Global Transferee provides online job opportunities allowing you to submit your resume, review the list of vacant job positions, and apply online for any vacancy available.

Submit your resume.
If you are interested in becoming part of our work-team, click on this link to fill out an application form.
Edit your profile & resume.
If your already registered, click on this link to update your profile.
Review the available vacancies.
Check the vacancies available at the moment on this link.
Upload your video.
Upload your video for employers to see it and have the opportunity to find a job faster. Here we tell you how to do it.

follow the steps to upload your video at, then send us the link once the video is on the internet.

Your presentation is most important, don't forget to wear a suit and dress formal. Do not mention confidential information on the video, that's what the forms we've made are for.

Once recording your video, introduce yourself with your name, school qualifications, job experiences that may give you better chances with the executive that will select you as a CANDIDATE for the requested job position. Express yourself clearly and slowly.

Print and fill out the forms.
Before attending to a job interview download, print and fill (critical) this 2 forms in PDF format.
Are you having problems finding a job?, You want to format your resume but you don't know how?, Are you looking for the necessary tools for a successful interview?

Global Transferee will provide you with the necessary training. We have some workshops that will teach you how to get your dream job.

  • Self-esteem
  • Dream job
  • STAR´S crew
  • Technical knowledge and skills
  • Professional knowledge and skills
  • Performance and competence's
  • Competence's acknowledgement.
  • Motivation
  • Desired job profile
  • Competence's comparison
  • The resume
  • The interview
  • Interview evaluation

To register or receive more information, contact us through our web site or call us on (55) 56-01-83-26.

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